wtorek, 19 kwietnia 2011

Today, just the video. Isn`t final unfortunetely, I still have to rework the camera, that`s one. Two foreground is messy, requires more attention, and what is behind the beetle... well that too.
The way it looks now, is poorely composed (but still, is 14 renderlayers mixed into respectively 35 layers with 35 effects packed into 8 compositions).
As for now, assuming that I won`t find a way to render it faster (currently is via brute force GI with vray dof), it`ll take about 50 minutes per frame in 720p. Why so much? I have to launch 8 consecutive renders to get this thing working. More on this, in making of/breakdown, when I finally finish this scene.

Tip of the day:
Before launching your animation render make sure there are no unnecessary objects, that you`re using best GI setup for your scene, and that textures resolution isn`t exagerated.

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