niedziela, 20 lutego 2011

I remade the rig, this one`s better but still not final. Animation was made in like 5min. I`m also adding detail to the scene.
That`s all, I`m back to work. Hope You like it.

Tip of the day:
Make sure your hardware is up to date, that you have all software updates and latest drivers.

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Bug update

Here`s updated beetle I`ve shown some time ago. Today I remade it`s UVs, reworked texture, fixed rig and hierarchy, created dark mossy root. Currently I`m working on how animate this thing. Now... I better go sleep.

Tip of the day:
Always double check everything. Costs less time and stress than fixing things once the damage is done.

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sobota, 19 lutego 2011


Last week I`ve been lazy, and I must admit, for one reason or another didn`t do anything worth mentioning. Tried few simple plugins, testes this and that, watched few making ofs, read forums.

Anyway, few minutes ago I uploaded a piece of animatic I did for my diploma project like a month or so ago. Sketches and animation are rough, the goal was to show the mood and learn about storytelling without dialogs. The color tint/contrast is brutal, `cause I didn`t want people to focus on detail lacking in significance.

Tip of the day:
Learn from experts.

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wtorek, 8 lutego 2011

Welcome back. Today`s question is: am I really moving forward? Anyhow?
To answer it to yourself, watch latest video of my AE composite.

Yesterday I bought a new 6 core cpu and a new motherboard. Since installing this stuff requires reinstaling OS I`ll use this opportunity to finally format my C drive and move from my beloved and trusted XP64 to unknown future labbeled Win7 64. This because in past months I found some difficulties in setting a network render, due to my laptop and home PC OS diversities. Faster previews, faster renders. Apparently I might speedup also blog updates.. All I have to do right now is backup all the data, like documents, works, music, bookmarks, brushes, presets, installation files. All I might need. Change mobo and cpu, install everything... and that`d be it.

Tip of the day:
for any project longer than a week, prepare a production pipeline.

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wtorek, 1 lutego 2011

It`s been quite a while since I last shown up here. During incoming weeks I`ll be finally able to truely dedicate myself to my diploma project. Here`s a test scene I made.

Everytime I upload something youtube does kill the quality. One day I`ll learn the proper tech specs... to preserve how it looks on my screen.
Few technical notes: notice the waterfall, it`s made in AE. Grass will be animated.  Main character, walking long the road is still missing. That`s all for now.

Tip of the day:
Keep growing your tool palette. The vastier is the easier you`ll make the right choice.

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