środa, 18 maja 2011

Some sculpting

Well, again, it`s been quite a while. Currently I`m working on some statues. Stone covered in moss, deep, malicious, ruby eyes... You get the idea.

Tip of the Day:
Quicktime animation codec does support alpha channel.

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sobota, 7 maja 2011

Environment collab

I teamed up with Kosma, my schoolmate to test few things. Visit his blog, I`ve added it to todays website of the day.
Kosma did the actual environment concept, splited it into layers and I moved it into 3d, added animation and post effects. Oh well, colors are probably exagerated, I have a tendency for it.

Tip of the Day:
sharpen your projects, if antialiasing is fine it brings additional detail

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niedziela, 1 maja 2011

water works pt2

Not much new stuff on today, just some test videos I did.
Anyway I started working on terrain, having high hopes for this one.

Tip of the day:
Brute force sometimes works better than finesse :)

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