czwartek, 20 stycznia 2011


Today I`ve recorded footage I`ll be workin on during next weeks. My model did a pretty good job. I used a digital camera to get the video in 1080p. There were some technical problems, due to recording slightly of focus, spill effect, bokeh and motionblur, but the overall quality should be ok.
These days I`m finishing some of my school projects and in spare time I`m doodling in zbrush, so I can say that the things are facing forward... and moving slowly.
More updates soon.

Tip of the day:
Often less is definetly more.

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special thanks go to my model, Claire :)

piątek, 14 stycznia 2011


Oh well. I`m alive. And in exams period. To tell the truth I kinda dislike studying and making school stuff and... for the sake... giving final touches to the projects.
Anyway, as for blog stuff, I`m currently working on many different things that are not yet ready to be shown. The variety of topics goes from diploma-graphic-tablet-fastly-drawn-animatic to zbrush sculpts. I`m also working on some interns visuals I have to finish these days.
Here`s a small teaser image... And that`d be it for now.

Looks like next update will be pretty juicy, stay focused ;)

Tip of the day:
Learn to use your software `help`.
Afterall it was meant to be useful.

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poniedziałek, 3 stycznia 2011

DOF and color correction

Played with DOF and color correction. Working with tones is far from easy. Avoid color banding, use dithering
when possible and ofc look for high bit depth... Thinking of what I might start giving application specific clues or linking tutorials, from time to time. Stay tuned!

Tip of the day:
Pay attention to your workplace. Comfortable seat, apropriate/clean desk and proper lighting are a must.

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niedziela, 2 stycznia 2011

Pawlack`s model

Pawlack sent me with GPL his latest model.
Currently he does not have MAX installed on his computer so... I came with this fast render. You actually can`t see this here but the thing has real potential.

Model: Pawlack
Light&render: just me

Tip of the day:
If something takes lots of your time there`s a chance there`s software that can do this job for You. 
(if You own a mac, the chance is significantly smaller:)

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Keying tests

As usual, few fast tests. Wanted to test out some things related to keying. I`ll have to pay lots of attention to light diffusion and direction in the studio when recording my footage. Well, it`ll be a challenge to keep all the things under control. Oh, and, almost forgot, I`m planning to add some extra content, visible only to my blog subscribers :)

Tip of the day:
Buy poor software and You`ll buy a problem

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