sobota, 31 grudnia 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everybody!
I wanted to share some projects I`ve been working on in last 3 months at Platige Image.

Hope You liked, I`ve learned tons of stuff working with talented people, also, I`ve learned to work smarter which improved my speed and quality of my works.

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czwartek, 1 grudnia 2011

December summary and some news

It`s been a year since I created this blog. Lots of stuff happened, some things changed my way of viewing cg and vfx. In past months I`ve posted with different frequency, covering different topics. Didn`t go much technical but this will change soon. Blog will cover even more topics, from compositing in After Effects and Nuke (Yes, I`m finaly learning it!), through grading and general cgi/vfx approach to more technical-software related themes.
Sticking to one software and getting to know it fully isn`t always the best choice. It depends a lot on your job tasks and ofc on your aproach to growth as an artist and as a specialist. In my case I tend to `soak` with all knowledge I come in contact with... Lately it`s been ...from RED cameras related info, through advanced ways of simulating complex effects, game art, faking renderpasses to tricky ultimate boosting animation with powerfull plugins.

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quote "When You`re against deadline there`s nothing like cheating"