poniedziałek, 28 marca 2011

Beetle, back again

So here it is. Took me long time to findout a proper timing for walk cycle.
I need add few more plants, re-lit and improve render quality. Also rework few materials, add dof, godrays, flare, atmo and particles, fix few glitches related to walk cycle, change one texture, change camera movement. So many fixes for one stupid scene... I hope it`s the last time this year I`m modeling, unwraping, texturing, rigging and animating for a 5-seconds-long-in-focus-sequence.

Reminder: beetle is a foreground element, this sequence lacks of kickass background.

Tip of the day:
Before recording a studio footage make a list of things that could go wrong

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wtorek, 22 marca 2011


a bunch of news: few days ago I managed to finish a one-sit project, more on it later.
I finally composed a test shot I did to test some displacement with motionblur. Here`s the vid:

Tip of the day:
Customize your software

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(rendering scores seem to be very accurate)

wtorek, 15 marca 2011

small retrospective

A small retrospective is what I thought might be good to do at this point.

A glimpse behind and I can honestly say that my diploma project is moving way slower than it should. What needs to be done now are core scenes, mattes and other big elements. Focus on what`s important, leave behind things that can be done right before giving final touches. Mid april checkpoint approaches at disturbing speed.

Other than that, a retrospective is a best occasion for showing images not worth being shown in a solo update.

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Tip of the day:
Cache your simulations. Bake your GI. Automate as much as you can.

wtorek, 8 marca 2011

Windblown WIP

In past days yes, I did work on beetle shot, but I`ll come to it in future updates. Reason I`m posting today is next scene which is quite a challenge for me. Girl with windblown hair. Currently it is only foreground and it`s like 70% done. I still have to pay some attention to textures, post and hair simulation/rendering. Image also lacks few post effects. Animation will come when I`ll be pleased with hair animation and dynamics.
1-2-3-Here it goes:

Tip of the day:
Pay attention to bit depth, for tweaks work with highest supported.

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