czwartek, 9 lutego 2012

February News

Some news on stuff happened to me in past weeks.
December was a month of regaining some balance. There were several changes into my life, affecting daily routines, ways of work, shifts and so on... I also got pretty sick.
During my january holiday, (yes, right after new years eve, I`ve taken some more free time!) I`ve done an massive 40s animation-archviz project in a very little time of which I`m uploading an `art` version some time soon. Commercial one had to have those awfull overconstrasted, overbright oversaturated colors, blue sky... yakh.
Here`s a preview picture.

I`m watching lots of movies these times. Starting with pixar, moving along with fincher filmography and other classics, to end with with awesome ones like Drive.

Yesterday I`ve overclocked my CPU. From 3.2 to 3.8ghz. From tests I`ve run it seems a pretty stable, solid and most important of all secure OC. That means I`ve brought solid 18% of additional raw render power to my desktop (like I`ve bought a laptop and plugged to renderfarm). I also bought an external HD for a double-backup. Kinda cool.
I`m planning to get some more RAM memory for even more comfortable work... and a new LCD display. 27-30 inches, 2560 horizontal resolution... although I`m not sure on what to choose. DELL u2711 has good specs, looks nice and has even nicer price ...but Apple Cinema Display is a wise choice too. I defintely need to do some research in this field before jumping out with a bold choice.

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