wtorek, 8 lutego 2011

Welcome back. Today`s question is: am I really moving forward? Anyhow?
To answer it to yourself, watch latest video of my AE composite.

Yesterday I bought a new 6 core cpu and a new motherboard. Since installing this stuff requires reinstaling OS I`ll use this opportunity to finally format my C drive and move from my beloved and trusted XP64 to unknown future labbeled Win7 64. This because in past months I found some difficulties in setting a network render, due to my laptop and home PC OS diversities. Faster previews, faster renders. Apparently I might speedup also blog updates.. All I have to do right now is backup all the data, like documents, works, music, bookmarks, brushes, presets, installation files. All I might need. Change mobo and cpu, install everything... and that`d be it.

Tip of the day:
for any project longer than a week, prepare a production pipeline.

Website of the day: (to share/backup your data)

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