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Fiery chicken-blob mix

Christmas is time of family reunion, traditional food and classy beverages... I think I`m getting lazy.

Here`s a one-day-project. Started like anything-for-an-advanced-aftereffects-post and ended in dynamics, realtime recording, procedural dynamic light emission, expressions. Grew to few hours of 3d work, several hour render and a couple hour postprocessing.
Just before lunching final render at 6 am I thought it might be nice to animate chickenblob burning excess of kinetic energy when it`s stops moving. Unfortunately was already tired when this idea came to my mind... Well, maybe next time.
In terms of utility of this excercise, I tested camera movement/targeting related things, timeremapping, some invasive color correction.
I`m perfectly aware of many other effects to be implemented (procedural twitches, dof, flares, bokeh, fog, ss, cross just to name few) but with a single render pass and lack of time this is how far the tests go.
Noise, resolution, TR flicker are time related issues (I`d render it to noiseless fullHD at 80frames per second if I had proper hardware).

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